Nursing Clinics 

Our nurses run 3 types of clinics at present, all free of charge.

  1. Weight clinics for pets who have overindulged! Obesity is a common problem, just as in the human population, and can predispose to a number of health problems such as heart disease, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, pancreatitis, anal sacculitis, snoring and other respiratory problems etc. Our nurses will weigh your pet and make practical suggestions on how to shed those extra pounds!
  2. Geriatric clinics for the older pets (usually greater than 7 years old), paying particular attention to the range of diseases more common in the elderly dog and cat. We can take urine/blood samples to test for early signs of kidney/liver/thyroid disease, and to monitor patients already suffering from age-related disorders
  3. 9 month clinics. We invite all our teenager dogs and cats for a checkup once they reach 9 months of age. These clinics focus primarily on behavioural and nutritional concerns, and provide an ideal opportunity for the concerned new owner to ask any questions about routine care to maximise the health of their pet.

No question is too silly, so please avail of these clinics when we remind you that your pet is eligible for them.

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